Fall/Winter/Spring Season Passes

Fall, Winter, and Spring season passes can be purchased during regular school hours in the Main Office starting in August, 2015. 

Prices for 2016-2017 are:

                3-Season All-Sports Family Pass* (Fall, Winter, AND Spring)                                       $120

                2-Season All-Sports Family Pass* (Fall & Winter, Fall & Spring, or Winter & Spring)     $100

                1-Season All-Sports Family Pass* (Fall, Winter, OR Spring)                                          $80

*Family Passes include only children who are high school age and younger

          All-Sports Individual Adult Pass (Fall, Winter, and Spring)                                         $70

          All-Sports Student Pass (Fall, Winter, and Spring)                                                     $40

                 Senior Citizen (55 & older) All-Sports Pass (Fall, Winter, and Spring)                         $40

                 Boys or Girls Basketball Individual Adult Pass                                                            $40

                 Volleyball Individual Adult Pass                                                                                $20

                 Spring Sports Individual Adult Pass                                                                           $20

Season tickets are not valid for any regular-season or post-season tournaments.

Call 293-3368 ext. 19208 for more information

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